You Should Watch Donnie Darko Again



Richard Kelly’s cult classic starring Jake Gyllenhal, Drew Barrymore and Patrick Swayze is one of the most fascinating  and memorable movies ever made. Think we’re exaggerating? Just check its iMDb score: 8.1 and Donnie Darko was released in 2001….

Shot over the course of only 28 days and with a budget of $4.5 million, it proves that all you need for a cult movie is a good story and excellent actors. Yeah, just that 🙂 Complex, intriguing and utterly engaging, Donnie Darko is a movie that doesn’t make much sense, until it makes all the sense.

Donnie is a troubled young man, who is awakened by a giant rabbit that takes him outside of his house and tells him that the world is going to end in exactly 28 days. After this episode Donnie starts walking to his room only to find a jet engine in it. Weird, isn’t it?

Tackling many issues like growing up, spirituality and the need to make sense of everything, Donnie Darko is truly a cinematic masterpiece that you will surely watch a couple of times during the course of your life…

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