You Won’t Believe This Movie Actually Got Made



The Bad News Bears original with Walter Matthau from the 1970s is one of the weirdest and most quietly anti-establishment movies ever made. In fact, it will make you wonder how the people who made it pulled it off.

First of all, Matthau plays a coach of a little league baseball club who is struggling to be any good and win any games. He is a total drunk who couldn’t care less about the kids and their success on the field.

Then, there is the kid who calls other kids ethnic slurs. It’s just insane when you first hear the little 10-year-old guy call the other kids a bunch of inappropriate names. By the way, the kid is played by Rorschach from The Watchmen, but that is not that important.

They do manage to get better, and Matthau does cut down on his drinks, but when the final game of the season comes, the one they have to win – they lose. And then Matthau buys them all beers and they celebrate the loss.

These are just some of the reasons why The Bad News Bears is one of the movies you won’t believe got made. You just have to see it.

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